View Full Version : A welcome return!

David Morison
30th August 2012, 04:44 AM
Having not used my E5 much over the last few months, I was motivated by recent frustrations to dust it down and re-aquaint myself with this highly acclaimed piece of kit.

What a delight! So easy to use - everything appeared to be in the right place, plenty of non squidgy buttons, perfect AF that could pick out a badly lit small bird deep in a sunlit reed bed some distance away and could instantly lock on to a bird in erratic flight, IS that could be left on all the time whether the camera was supported or not, easy to carry with one hand without rattling knuckles against the lens barrel and finally a camera that works absolutely perfectly with all my HG and SHG lenses!

Why did we drift apart? - Lesson learned!

Could it be improved? Off course, but in reality for me perhaps only with the the E-M5 sensor or something along those lines.

(A light-hearted post!)


30th August 2012, 07:32 AM
I hear you. My E-5 is my best friend. We will part when someone removes it from cold, dead fingers.