View Full Version : problem with buckle

27th August 2012, 06:29 PM
Hi all
Last weekend the buckle of my shoulderbelt broke wich ment that the E-5 camera i had hanging on my schoulder felt to the floor .
I had attached the 50-200 mm on it wich is now broke .
The buckle itself has a strange fracture .
So i mailed Olympus in the Netherlands if we could solve the problem because i see it as a fault by them because they sold me a product thats not good .
It was assambled in the way it is written on the manuel .
They that there is no warranty on accesorysand the problem is not knowing by Olympus
My qeustion is does some have had the same problem ?
I have send them the photo's from the fracture and will also post them here .

Bill Gordon
31st August 2012, 06:56 PM
This isn't going to help you..but...I don't trust these plastic buckles....they are subject to damage because of the material that they are made from. It is a sad state when you can't trust what you/we buy!! I feel sorry for you because you have damaged your lens and perhaps something else.