View Full Version : A salty tale.

27th August 2012, 11:01 AM
I certainly love my E5 especially when it starts to rain and everyone around put their cameras away. If I do use it in inclement weather i always dry it thoroughly when I get indoors before putting it away. Nevertheless I had a bit of a nasty surprise this morning when I removed the flash hot shoe cover and found a very small but conspicuous spot of green corrosion on one of the flash contacts. I cleaned it off with a cotton bud soaked in WD40 and wiped it dry. However the contact was stained black and no amount of rubbing would clean it up. Fortunately my flash works perfectly which is a relief. Looking back, the last time I used my camera in the rain was on a beach in North Wales and I clearly hadn't dried it as thoroughly as I thought. In fact I don't remember removing the hot shoe cover so the moist salty air had time to do its worst. This is something I won't forget in future.
I always fit the hot shoe cover and I know many don't but on this occasion I have to admit it caused a problem.
Just something to be aware of.

27th August 2012, 11:23 AM
I've no axe to grind either way re hot-shoe covers, but it does sound that in this case it didn't exactly help the situation.