View Full Version : E-520 review in August edition of Digital Camera Magazine

28th June 2008, 11:32 AM
I just thought that potential buyers of the new E-520 might like to know that there is a nice review in issue 75 of Digital Camera magazine. I arrived home yesterday to find it on my door step and the 4 page review makes a good read. It is scored at 90% with many positive comments. Just to give a flavour of the review here is the verdict:

"The Olympus E-520 is probably the best mini hatchback of the DSLR world. It produces great colour and vibrant images, and it's ideal for travelling and offers plenty of creative opportunities. The Four-Thirds technology may put a few people off, but it's an easy camera to like and to use.


Chris *chr

28th June 2008, 05:40 PM
The Four-Thirds technology may put a few people off

I really don't understand that attitude. I'm a tecchie and I don't care what the technology is if it does it's job properly :confused:

I just put my initial opinion over here