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22nd June 2008, 07:16 AM

Coming October 1st week i will go to Zambia for my 12 days free african safari..
I have canon 30d without telelens...
and also i have fresh E3 with 12mm 60mm lens only without battery grip...
i would like buy the telelens for my E3, because it has IS and 2X crop...
i have two choices,

First one is pick a sigma 50mm 500mm...
and another one is Olympus 50mm 200mm swd with 2x converter...

Here in india, i am doing street & people photography not a serious wildlife photographer..

after my african trip , i maynot be use my tele lens regularly......

what is a basic lens mm for african safari...

anybody has any experience...?

in U.K any lens rental shop is available..? because my trip is start from london...

Thanks and regards, senthil

22nd June 2008, 07:42 AM
Unfortunately not too many companies hire out Olympus equipment. There was a post in another thread that discussed this.

If you are not taking wild life images, then I would think the 50-500mm (Bigma) sigma would be wasted. Also it is large and heavy and is not environmentally sealed.

The 50-200mm is a great lens. The current version has SWD to it should, and does, focus very quickly. This lens is lighter and smaller than the Bigma.

The EC-20 is, in my opinion, not that great. The EC-14, by all accounts, it better.

The other option is the much maligned 70-300mm lens. It is light and small and cheap. The problem could be with the lack of environmental sealing the 50-200mm has. It is also slower than the 50-200mm, but given the light levels where you are going, this may not be a problem.

FYI, I have all of the equipment discussed except the E3 (maybe soon) and the EC-14.

What ever you choose, I hope you enjoy your trip.