View Full Version : It's coming together (slowly)

6th July 2012, 03:21 PM
My travel camera kit that is. The PEN leather wrist strap arrived yesterday - that ticks all the right boxes - good quality, big enough for my wrist and a good secure fitting to the camera.

The Think Tank Retrospective 5 bag also arrived yesterday but that's a near miss. Great looks, the right size for M43 and lots of pockets and compartments but let down by abysmal security. There's no inner zip and the main cover is a big flap held down by Velcro that doesn't always grip properly and leaves a big gap where a small M43 lens could easily roll out when the bag is put down. Though there is much to like about this bag I am sorely tempted to send it back.

My other option is to modify the bag but it won't be easy and my time might be better spent looking for a better solution.

6th July 2012, 03:47 PM
These days I refuse to use bags, or coats, which use velcro, apart from on dividers.

Ulfric M Douglas
6th July 2012, 06:40 PM
How much do these bags cost?

Never mind, I can search that stuff ...

18th July 2012, 07:44 AM
Think Tank bag sent back and refund obtained. Billingham Hadley Small delivered yesterday. I think that this will be spot on. The Sage FibreNyte is a different shade to my Hadley Pro and the whole bag looks quite subdued - just what I wanted. Have camera with grip and 20mm lens in the bag along with the 12mm and 45mm lenses and spare batteries and still have the two front pockets and 1/3 of the interior free for headphones, sunblock etc.

Will pick up lens shade for the 12mm on Friday and take the outfit to Paris for the weekend to see how it all shapes up.