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6th July 2012, 10:32 AM
I have been finding that when I using the +/- exposure function dial on my OM-D, it was applying this to the +/-Flash bar, NOT the ordinary +/- exposure bar. (The levels when shown on the Top of exposure compensation bar, are for Flash, if Underneath, they are for daylight compensation. If your camera is applying Flash instead of daylight compensation, you do NOT see the screen lighten or darken.

I think I have solved this by going through the menus to the [Detailed camera functions] > [*F] > and then setting the [+/- and +/-Flash] option to OFF. So far, this seems to now be functioning properly. It's a pity Olly didn't also include a another option, to specifically 'Disable flash exposure compensation', or make more clear in the manual how the [*F] switch operates.

Another tip ... Print out the [Camera setup] pages, (85>97) and on these, 'mark' what settings/options you have used, so that if you have to do a reset, you have all the changes you have made listed, making restructuring your preferred settings a lot faster!

6th July 2012, 10:37 AM
It may well be that I have 'missed' an option buried somewhere else relating to the +/-Flash compensation function, which also does what I want. If so, can someone enlighten us?

6th July 2012, 05:16 PM
Personally I have the rear dial for exposure compensation and the front to Shutter/Aperture in the relevant mode. There is no reason why you couldn't reverse this according to your preference.

From the Menu Cog "B" ; Button/Dial ; Dial Function.

Make sure you have set the rear dial to the correct function as the two icons do look similar

6th July 2012, 10:04 PM
Make sure you have set the rear dial to the correct function as the two icons do look similar

Yes that one caught me out. I changed the front/rear dial functions around and wondered why I suddenly got flash compensation instead of exposure compensation. The two icons look identical to me unless I really squint at them.:)