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25th June 2012, 07:23 AM
That is fed up of the latest and greatest must have posts all over the net.;)

A post by Thom Hogan on sansmirror sums it up nicely for me.:)


25th June 2012, 08:31 AM
Ha ha, the title of this thread rather caught my eye! :D

Well done Thom Hogan, those are some of the wisest words ever written on photography.

The only reason that the E-M5 is on my wish list (or at least under consideration and feasibility study) is size and weight - and the fact that at last a MFT Olympus can now do almost everything my E-3 can do. For me, image quality doesn't feature much in that equation; In fact, I do wonder if the E-M5 can match the E-3 (each with their kit lenses) for high ISO. Consider E-3 with 14-54mm, f3.5, ISO 1600. The equivalent to that with the E-M5 is 12-50mm, f6.3, ISO 5000. Hmmm. Then I have to consider that, from what I have read and seen, I would expect the 14-54mm at 54mm, f3.5 to be noticably sharper than the 12-50mm at 50mm, f6.3. Still, for convenience I am prepared to take that hit.

Anyway, enough of this speculation, I'm off to finish processing and posting pictures from yesterday at Tollesbury, all taken on very much past equipment, by a past-it photographer! :D

25th June 2012, 01:47 PM
Wise words indeed. Unfortunately, common sense of this magnitude is few and very far between... so that's the em-5 off my wish list. ;-)

25th June 2012, 02:55 PM
True, so very true. Some of the best photos I have were taken in the 19th century, not by me, I hasten to add!