View Full Version : OM-D and Wireless Flash (FL-36R)

20th June 2012, 12:00 PM
Just got my new flash through the post and I'm very impressed at how easy it was to setup and use wirelessly with the flash that came with the OM-D. You need to enable RC flash in one of the main setup menus, once done you get an extra screen to control the remote flashes when you go into the Super Control Panel and press Info button to cycle through the different screens.

Not done any proper tests of range or angle of use, but it works at a reasonably wide angle, and definitely at arms length off at about 45 degrees it seems to work well.

The menus make it easy to control the flash - quickly increase or decrease the exposure compensation on each flash or change it to manual. Coming from the use of radio transmitters and manual flash control its nice to have this level of control from on board the camera, and it will give nice options when taking a flash off camera.

Definitely worth considering getting one of these or the newer 600 and trying out the wireless options