View Full Version : HELP! Zuiko 75-300mm or Lumix 100-300mm for the OM-D?

Loup Garou
20th June 2012, 06:16 AM
Having bought the OM-D and 4 lenses plus a flashgun within a space of a week, I have been set back by around 2000 and so right now do not want to shell out more money on photo gear. But within the next 2 months I want to get a long zoom lens to complete my collection. I read about both the Olympus' own Zuiko 75-300mm lens and Panasonic's 100-300mm micro-four-thirds job.

On paper, the Lumix looks preferable. It is almost 200 cheaper and has a better aperture range. Some reports suggest that the build quality is also better. What I don't know though is whether there are any limitations imposed while using a Panasonic lens on the OM-D as opposed to the Olympus one or all features available? Especially, is the AF good enough with the Lumix?