View Full Version : Flashgun for the OM-D: FL-600R or FL-50R?

Loup Garou
1st June 2012, 02:26 PM
Most retailers seem to recomment the new Olympus FL-600R for the OM-D camera but for the record, the older FL-50R has more specs (and costs nearly twice as much). I assumed that the FL-50R was designed mainly for the E-series Olympus SLRs and have decided to go for the FL-600R. But before I spend the money, what would other OM-D users recommend?

I do a lot of low-light and night photography and have always found a good flashgun very useful.

1st June 2012, 02:35 PM
I'm not qualified to comment really, as I consider flashguns to be the spawn of the devil. And after all, with the high ISO capabilities of this camera, I see even less need of the things. But I've retained my FL-36R, just in case of temptation! Not tried it yet on the E-M5 yet, though :)

Doug H
1st June 2012, 02:51 PM
Can't speak for the 600R but I do already have the 50R - I'm not convinced about the ergonomics of using the 50R ON the camera though for completely off-camera use it's fine - it just doesn't feel comfortable to me, weight/size/balance wise. That might just be a hang-over from E-1/E-3 and I may just need to persevere, as it certainly has the power.

The 600R might be a lot better as it's smaller and lighter but when I get the chance, I'm going to look into the mid-sized Metz units - 36AF or 44AF as they are significantly cheaper than the Olympus.

I'll also be very interested in other people's comments.


5th June 2012, 07:07 PM
I've been using my Panasonic DMW-FL360 - a rebadged FL-36 - from my Lumix G1 outfit and find it very suitable for my new EM-5 in terms of its size and weight. Looking at the specs of the new FL600R, it has the power and fast recycling of the FL50 but with the size and weight of the FL36/DMW-FL360. It also manages to squeeze in 4AA batteries (for fast recycling and extra flashes) wireless control and a video LED.

It's cheaper than the FL50R although there are lots of secondhand FL-50s around for 200 or so. I'll certainly be looking out for one at a good price!


Correction: Olympus quote GN50 for the FL-600R at the EM-5's base sensitivity of ISO 200. The GN at the normal ISO 100 is 36 so it matches the power of the FL-36R and is weaker than the FL-50R! But it does deliver more flashes than the FL-36R with a much faster recycling time due to its 4AA batteries.

So all in all, the FL-600R is an updated FL-36R with faster recycling, more flashes and an LED video light. Is it worth the extra, bearing in mind the number of secondhand FL-36R's on the market? Only if you need the fast recycling, extra flashes and video light I'd suggest.

(The FL-50R is more powerful but arguably too bulky to comfortably fit on the EM-5's hotshoe and too expensive for me!)


David Morison
5th June 2012, 09:45 PM
Just taken a few shots of Jubilee flower arrangements in our Church with the EM-5 and FL50R and found it a bit of a pain. I haven't yet got my free grip and trying to take portrait orientation shots with the flash on camera, hand held, is quite difficult with the weight of the flash overbalancing the whole outfit. Good results though!