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11th November 2007, 12:13 AM
Hi all,

Directed here from the nice friendly four-thirds user site (who managed to convinve me a couple of months ago that buying an E-510 was the right thing to do - and they were not wrong :) ).

I have learnt more about photography since getting the E-510 than I did in the past 6-7 years, mostly because it so easy to try new things with it, and such a joy to use.

Previously I had only really been using a camera for my preferred hobby of going to live music events, and it just sat in it's bag in between them. Now I find myself thinking about how a particular scene or view could be composed for maximum effect many times a day, wherever I am. I've still got a hell of a lot to learn, but I'm on my way.

Family think I've gone a bit mad all of a sudden - especially with the prospect of my new found desire to own an E-3 in the not too distant future :eek: It will do them all good to go on a bread & rice diet for a couple of months, I'm sure. :D