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Simon Bee
16th April 2012, 06:21 PM
Just got the 14-35 I bought off "j.baker" and couldn't help posting a couple of images of it paired up with my 150mm, hence the "Lovely pair" ( no sexist pun intended .... honestly Governor ! ). Hope I don't come across as showing off as that is not what I intended, I guess I am rather enthusiastic at the moment and want to share that enthusiasm with you. Once I get chance to put it to good use I will post some resulting images taken with it.

First impression: "It's not as big or heavy as I was expecting" , ok it is big and heavy compared to many other lenses in that focal range but not in a cumbersome and unmanageable way and actually balances very nicely on the E5.

Second: Focus is fast, near silent and accurate, locking on very quickly in the good sunlight we have enjoyed today, I will try some low light tests tonight to see how it fairs then.

Third: Build ..... WOW ! I thought the 12-60 was impressive but this is in another league, on a par with my 150mm, then again I guess it should be as they are both from the SHG series. The zoom action is just sublime too, reminds me of the Leica 80-200 F4 I once owned.

Fourth: one word really ..... " FANTASTIC ! " , I have over the last twenty five years or so been privileged to afford to own many top quality systems including Leica, Hasselblad and Rollei , only in the last twelve months have I bought into Olympus and I can say that without any shadow of doubt Olympus gear is up there with those highly regarded marques. I came to 4/3rd "late" and invested ( if that's the right word ) heavily, at a time when there were/are many other arguably 'better' options available. It was a 'leap of faith' which I know many would not have taken if like me they had no 4/3rd legacy, sometimes you just need to be brave and go with your gut feeling, I made that leap and I have to say that I have not regretted it for a single moment. Olympus lenses simply ROCK and the E5 is no slouch either.

So Thank you John ( j.baker ) for selling the 14-35 to me, along with the 150mm I am a "very happy camper"

Kind regards to all, Simon

16th April 2012, 07:00 PM
Lovely glass Simon, I can fully understand your enthusiastic post :)

16th April 2012, 11:49 PM
The 14-35mm has got to be one of the finest standard zooms ever made, no wonder you are pleased! *chr