View Full Version : SOLVED CF cover door

9th April 2012, 05:07 PM
I broke my card door about 12 months ago, and was dismayed by the quote from Olympus to replace it, so it got left. Finally the other lug broke too, resort to a 'lastic band :)

Then, miracle of miracles, a brand new replacement on Fleabay, in America, but ordered straight away it arrived at my door in 5 days ! Cost 11.00 all in.

Now, 2nd miracle, full replacement instructions on u-tube, so despite old age, shakey hands and bad eyesight *devil I decide to attempt the repair.

Following the instuctions to the letter, 12 mins later all was complete. As this entailed splitting the camera in half, removing miriad tiny screws etc, i was chuffed.

Camera looks like new again.

if anyone needs Oly spares, I have the adress in the U.S.A.

19th September 2012, 08:11 AM
Luton Cameras have them (for E-300 and all other E bodies except E-1) for 10. They also have battery covers (except E-1).