View Full Version : Lowepro Slingshot 102AW

jamie allan
5th April 2012, 08:46 PM
Does anyone use one of these? I bought a 102AW a couple of months ago and took it on my recent trip to Washington. My 14-54 is on the E-3 as a standard. Halfway through the holiday I noticed that the AF was becoming problematic whilst using my 14-54. On further inspection the lens mount on the 14-54 had become loose and was moving by 2-3mm from the lens body but only at the locating pin side. I didn't have any jewellers screwdrivers but managed to re-tighten the screws using a sharp pointed knife and the AF worked ok. I'm just wondering if the fact that the camera with lens attached is normally sitting in an unnatural position within the slingshot has caused this. Any thoughts?

29th May 2012, 04:29 PM
I'm quite a fan of LowePro bags and have a couple of Slingshots. I bought a Slingshot 200AW several years ago to carry my Canon EOS outfit when on holiday, and then a Slingshot 102AW when I moved to a Panasonic Lumix G1 outfit. (Now to be used with my EM-5 of course.) I've never had any problems with the way they carry the cameras, but had to move the inserts around to carry my longer telephoto lenses horizontally across the bag rather than at right angles to my back.