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29th May 2008, 11:06 PM
Hello everyone,

well, to celebrate the Olympus UKPSG's strong and continuous growth, we will be having a BBQ in the centre of the country next month... where we will be presenting a member of our Safari Group with a complete E-420 + 25mm f2.8 Pancake kit!

Following our last event in Whitby, we are having a competition for the best submission of photographs and write-up for our follow-up report... the first prize being the rare-as-rocking-horse-doodoo E-420+pancake kit!

The next 5 placed Safari Group members will each receive a copy of Studio 2.0 RAW conversion software, along with a personal tuition session on its' use by experienced users.

And the top 15 images in the competition will each receive a personal critique and coaching interview with fellow Safari Group member, Welsh Photographic Federation judge Dave Bennett. The interviews will be recorded and made available on our coordination website.

The BBQ will be hosted by fellow Safari Group member, Andrew Parsons ARPS ASWPP... at Sutton on Trent, Sunday 29th of June.

I would like to invite any passionate Oly shooters here, to drop me an e-mail, for all the details... get to meet the leading members of our group in person, in this fun, family event!

Kind Regards


p.s. Check out our Event Highlights gallery, including top Whitby images here :