View Full Version : The E-M5 'curves' widget

12th March 2012, 03:38 PM
One of the novel features of the E-M5 is a pseudo-curves adjustment widget that lets you boost or reduce the highlights and shadows variably and separately. The effect is only recorded on in-camera JPEGs.

This has been discussed since the E-M5 launch but a question remained outstanding as to whether the adjustment affected exposure. With Auto Gradation, which automatically boosts shadows and preserves highlights, and has been a feature on Olympus Pens and some E-System cameras for a while now, exposure is reduced in order to preserve highlights and shadows are boosted to compensate. The problem with this is that noise is generated in the boosted areas. As exposure is reduced, raw files are also affected.

On the OM-D the curves widget, I can confirm, does not affect exposure. By pressing fn2 then adjusting the front wheel (highlights) and the rear wheel (shadows) you can usefully adjust things on the spot. My observation is that the exposure remains constant no matter what curve adjustment is made, so RAW files are not unnecessarily skewed.