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27th February 2012, 12:59 PM
can some one tell me the following please
a: do panasonic lumix 4/3 rds lenses fit my E510 ?
b: which adapter for OM lenses is best
c: which OM lenses are any good


27th February 2012, 01:23 PM
b) make sure it has the adjusting plate if a honk kong special
c) http://www.olympusamerica.com/cpg_section/cpg_files/mf1instcomp.pdf

27th February 2012, 01:32 PM
I wouldn't bother with any zooms, OM or otherwise. You would have to keep changing the focal length is the IS menu and the quality wouldn't be as good as the primes.

27th February 2012, 02:35 PM
there is a chap selling a Sigma 400mm prime in MD fitting that he has for sale on the Lumix forum, he says he uses it on his 4/3rds lumix camera's ? how ?

here is a link to his sale

thanks chaps

27th February 2012, 02:55 PM
Also how do the OM fitting converters stack up against the new models ?
iv'e seen a few Olympus 2x etc converters quite cheap ? or is there a good reason they are cheap ?

Dave are you saying the Primes are OK but not the zoom's ?

27th February 2012, 03:07 PM
I was looking at something like this
ebay Item number: 170780437681 ?

27th February 2012, 05:24 PM
yes John I know there are two different lenses, credit me with some intelligence please,
what I was asking (as I was browsing Ebay) was if these lenses where any good as they offer the range providing I can use them, now I started with and SLR 30 years ago, even had my own darkroom (still have all the gear for developing film) so using manual lenses isn't a bad things, in some ways i prefer them, anyway I was asking due to my lack of knowledge with DSLR equiptment, I was looking at the Sigma 400mm on ebay and asked a question, the guy pointed me to the lumix forum so I am aware that the lens is for sale on ebay as well, what I wanted to know was how he got it to work with 4/3 rd's sytem as it's in MD fitting (fit my minolta film camera mind :D) anyway after googling some stuff I found out you can basically buy an adapter to fit just about any lens to any camera.
Right that's that out of the way, now can anyone tell me are these sigma 400mm primes any good ? and what would they be on the E510, 800mm ? equivelent ? if so I can live with the manual operation and the price is good.
I can't believe the price of the ec14 and ec20 :eek: so i can't see me getting one of them any time soon, but as i am disabled i need some length to make up for the fact i can't access places i wan't to. Please forgive all the questions but i am really serious about this camera stuff for more reasons than most, I have seen several 70 - 300mm zuiko zooms around the 250 mark and having owned one before had some success with moon shots but I would have loved an extra few hundred mm's of zoom.
At the moment I am feeling my way into the Olympus DSLR system and it's hard work, my eyes have read so much stuff on the pc they are burning right now :rolleyes: but it's the only way to learn and I thank everyone for their help

27th February 2012, 06:47 PM
If you can find one, the 400mm Tokina SD seems reasonably regarded, even for digital use, though they are not east to find.
http://www.markptak.com/tests/tokina400mm/index.htm (http://www.markptak.com/tests/tokina400mm/index.htm).
N.B. I do mean the SD Prime version, rather than the RMC prime or 80-400mm zooms.

Good luck with manual focussing in the small viewfinder though.

Here you go;
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tokina-SD-400-mm-Tele-F-5-6-Manual-Focus-Minolta-Rokkor-/140708474190?pt=DE_Foto_Camcorder_Objektive&hash=item20c2e0ed4e (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tokina-SD-400-mm-Tele-F-5-6-Manual-Focus-Minolta-Rokkor-/140708474190?pt=DE_Foto_Camcorder_Objektive&hash=item20c2e0ed4e)

27th February 2012, 07:00 PM
thanks chaps, just won an zuiko Olympus 70 - 300mm for 175 on ebay which seems a reasonable price

27th February 2012, 08:02 PM
yes John I know there are two different lenses, credit me with some intelligence please,

With that opening line it is a wonder any one would want to help you. :mad:

27th February 2012, 08:17 PM
yes your right i apologise sincerely, unfortuanatly I am not very well and having a bad week after some very bad news and as such im a bit grumpy, I didn't mean to offend anyone, although I don't particularly think your angry face is much better ? did I offend you personally ? so your reply COULD be seen as stirring trouble ?
sorry John

27th February 2012, 08:35 PM
Sorry to hear of your predictament. You still need to think carefully about what you write and how you actually write it.

Taz - If I had wanted to offend you believe me when I say I could have done that in a much finer tone than i did,only the moderators might have had something to say !

Subject closed I think.

28th February 2012, 12:43 AM
quite Benedict,
so shall we get back to the point of the original thread and put this behind us ?
if you have anything to add I am all ears as getting this right could help me health wise, as i have become something of a hermit of late. I am 50 yo and on 400 tablets a week, 3 injections per day and large amounts of ultimate gold standard pain relief, I really need to re kindle what was once a big hobby of mine, if only to give me something to focus on, other than pain.
now with some help I did manage some decent shot's of the moon with my E410 and 70 - 300 Olympus lens 18 months ago, right now we have an interesting night sky and I would like to try and better my last attempts at astro photography (if that's the correct term)
I wish I could afford the EC14 or EC20 but alas 300 + is just not an option any time soon, so I am trying to find other ways round the problem, as the long lenses will be used on quite static objects speed isn't a problem, just length and sharpness

28th February 2012, 07:29 AM
Also how do the OM fitting converters stack up against the new models ?
iv'e seen a few Olympus 2x etc converters quite cheap ? or is there a good reason they are cheap ?

Dave are you saying the Primes are OK but not the zoom's ?

It seems that you now have a pretty decent telephoto zoom that is made for digital. The OM zooms, in my experience, are not as good as thy primes as, remember, many are 30 years plus and designed for film. Using manual focus on any of the three-digit E series cameras, such as your E-510 won't be the easiest thing in the world due to the tunnel-like viewfinder and the lack of a split image to help you although I believe you may be to get third party ones (as i did for my E-500 when i had some OM lenses). Not too bad on my E-3 though. OM convertors will work best with OM lenses but with ZD lenses all automation is lost, and quality will be compromised.
Hope this helps.

28th February 2012, 11:00 AM
Thanks Dave, it looks like I will be sticking with what iv'e got for now.
having aquired the 70 - 300mm zuiko yesterday on ebay for 175 I now have the two kit lenses and that to play with, I think listening to people on here the next step will be aquiring an EC14 in the future unless a bigma pops up for buttons ?

28th February 2012, 11:52 AM
Mmmm - moderators are watching - let's keep to our reputation of friendly and helpful, etc.


28th February 2012, 01:07 PM
I thought we where Ian ?

28th February 2012, 01:26 PM
Thanks Dave, it looks like I will be sticking with what iv'e got for now.
having aquired the 70 - 300mm zuiko yesterday on ebay for 175 I now have the two kit lenses and that to play with, I think listening to people on here the next step will be aquiring an EC14 in the future unless a bigma pops up for buttons ?

I think that the EC14 is the limit for the 70-300. I have the EC20, which really needs good light and a bit of stopping down to get anything really decent with my 50-200 although others on here may well disagree. I guess there will be others who successfully use the 70-300/EC20 combo as well................

1st March 2012, 04:25 AM
I made no comment regarding your intelligence, I was merely attempting to respond to your original post re the Lumix Forum.

I have no experience of the Sigma 400 primes but given the price they sell for second hand, I doubt if they stand up against the Oly glass.

If you are looking for a lens which you state will give you several hundred mm more than the 70-300, I suspect your only option given your budget, would be to look at the "digiscope" type lenses. Again, given your budget, I doubt if any of these alternative lenses however will give you anything like the quality results which are available with the 70-300 and or EC-14 converter.

Have a look at this:

One of the Forum Members has recently purchased one to use for Aviation Photography and seems to be impressed with his initial results. You will of course be somewhat limited to shooting in very good light conditions.


Hi Taz,

John was referring to me, I think. I did buy a Samyang/Delamax 650-1300mm similar to the one mentioned by John. Although you might be somewhat limited by light conditions, I have used it already in foggy condition, sunny conditions and in cloudy conditions. As long as you are willing to use a tripod for night photography and use sufficient shutter speeds, it will be a good lens for the prize offered.
Using it mainly for aviation photography, I shoot mainly handhold with this lens. Although I use a shoulder mount that was custom made for me a few years ago by my late father. I have to admit that i still have to try it during dusk and during night to so what it's limitations are.;)

Phill D
1st March 2012, 06:57 AM
Surely to do any sort of astro photography you ought to be looking at getting a telescope and adaptor to fit the camera. I don't have any experience to support this statement personally but I'm sure others here will be able to help.

3rd March 2012, 01:02 AM
I tried the telescope route 2 years ago and found it to be a rather expensive hobby,
I bought a decent telescope with electric tracking motor the works, it wasn't cheap (well not to me anyway) and it was cack everything was still a speck, just a bit more detailed, i.e. jupiter was about 2mm and calisto and another moon where about half a mm ? some use that was, I was expecting to see an image like at least the size of a ten pence piece ?
so dissalousioned I sold the telescope making a small profit of 12 and left it at that,

3rd March 2012, 01:34 AM
Hi Taz,

I really am sorry to hear about your health problems. Are you house bound or are you able to venture out? The reason I ask is that you are obviously keen on astro photography but rightly say it's an expensive hobby. I notice there is an astronomy club in Bolton and wondered if you are aware. http://www.boltonastro.org.uk/

They might have telescopes for use by members of the power you need. Even if you cannot get to their meetings, if you explain your situation they may be willing to come to you, it's worth asking.

With regard to the focusing of manual lenses on your E510, if you are taking pictures of the moon it shouldn't be a problem. Just focus at infinity and see how the image looks. You may have to slightly adjust focus, depending on the lens and particularly if the focus ring travells beyond infinity, but once you've nailed focus you can mark the lens barrel at the exact point. :)

4th March 2012, 10:07 PM
not quite house bound, well not very often anyway, I can get out as we did today (some photo's in the photo fair section) I have good days and bad ones and my photography is varied, I am some what fixated by the moon though, so thanks for the information about the Bolton Astro club, I try and stay away from clubs etc, i'm not a big "people person" due to my illness and all the medications i'm on. My big love is Raptors or birds of pray. And Landscapes i love them especialy the british countryside. I still have not found what I want to concentrate on yet but it will come, I live 2 mins from the countryside and am surrounded by it, brought up in farming originally so hence my love of our countryside.
my health is a problem, I can't walk far, but have a car and can drive.
thanks Zuiko and everyone for their help

1st May 2012, 01:36 PM
Sorry to bump this but as a wheelchair bound photographer I often find the same issues as the OP. Wheelchair access is not good to many places especially for wildlife. Lamberts of Lancaster have the Acuter 20x60 scope available with 80mm objective and it has T2 thread if you remove eye cup. They als have it with a 100mm objective but pricier. I have found it as good as the Nikon, around 1/3 price though at around 140. All that is needed is a T2/4 thirds adapter. My only problem has been that using view finder does not work well and Live view is best. Use on manual - Can also be quite good for astro work