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6th February 2012, 09:52 AM
HI folks,
This is going to be a long post and I hope I get some serious feedback please. In an earlier post (started by another member) I mentioned building a site to sell files. The basic structure is now live though there are some rather large gaps at the moment and I would like serious critique/advice if possible. I have decided to sell my images through various micro-stock sites (eight in all). The reason for this is I am not tied to any one agency plus there is a wider market available. I have been selling Photoshop files with an agency for around two years now and with a portfolio of only 31 files I sell around 25 per month. I recently uploaded 61 images to the sister site and have so far made four sales.
I would estimate that a portfolio of around 1000 images placed with each of the eight agencies would be adequate providing the images are of the content required by potential purchasers but only research and time will tell. In order to tempt visitors to return to my site I am offering free Photoshop files plus video tutorials.
I would appreciate it very much if members would take a look at the site and in particular the structure and give me feed back. I have posted a file named Single Image Display Action plus a video help file to go with it. So before I continue this way could members please have a look to see if it is all user friendly. A link to the file is below and the file is the second one down on the page, this file on the site then has a link to purchase and a link to view the tutorial.
Also I would be interested to hear from any members who work in wedding photography as I would like info for the requirements of story book templates sizes etc both for print and web formats.
I look forward to any comments,criticism and help.


10th February 2012, 01:12 AM
Ay up.
I had a look at your web site and found it very interesting. The tutorial videos functioned well enough at full screen. However the audio on the Change Background Colour video came across as muffled and the Actions video sound had interference or crackling. The Actions video is the only one that did not work at full screen because of low resolution and therefore out of focus.
The audio on the other videos was sound :D.
I also think that the comparison images on the Air Brushing Services page would be better side by side, rather than having to scroll between the two.
All in all good stuff and the tutorial videos are easy to follow.
By the way, what's $6 in the Queens coin.:confused:
Hope this is useful and good luck.

10th February 2012, 08:34 AM
Hi Ewan,
Thanks very much for the feedback. I am glad you found the site interesting. I had the idea that I could combine the two together (stock images & stock files) on one site and make it work. Having looked at the air brushing page I agree with you so that will be changed today as you suggested. I am trying to find a couple of suitable female models for a normal airbrush and one that will have a rather extreme make up finish so the side by side layout is a definite.
Ref the video's I will re-make the change colour video soon as I get time. I have just purchased a pro-standard mic and used it with the two action video's so I will work on eliminating the crackling.
On Tuesday I linked each of the two action files from the sales page to their respective video's and have made five sales so the video's seem to encourage a purchase which in turn means I must get the quality right. I have also sold three stock images through my site this week and one of them went for $7 (extra large) so at the moment it seems to be working. In answer to the exchange rate question $6 is around $4.80.
Thanks again for taking the time to have a look and give feedback It is highly appreciated.