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David Morison
9th December 2011, 06:06 AM
Surprisingly the rear bayonet mounting plate on my 300mm f2.8 is showing some wear. I appears to be chromed brass material as it has a little scoring but more significantly the locating pin hole is worn slightly oval, this results in some rotational movement. I do not know has this has occurred as the lens remains on the E5 for most of the time apart from when the TC14 is attached. I have contacted Luton Cameras for the possibility of a replacement and as it looks like just four screws attach it looks to be a simple job. Has any one had any experience like this on any of the E-system lenses (with metal bayonet plate).



9th December 2011, 08:15 AM
Yes I have got some wear on my 90-250, again the locating hole has gone slightly oval so movement can be felt.
Although it is only retained by four screws there is the electronics contact and i'm not sure how they are connected to the plate.
I had considered sending my lens to Olympus for it to be rectified. Cost?

9th December 2011, 09:03 AM
Peter D and Ozzie and Myself have all experienced some wear *chr Titanium would last without wear :eek:

I fear that there has to be, in engineering, some fraction of movement, to allow for a 'thou out either way +or- (not all cameras are EXACTLY the same, and thus this tiny amount of movement will occur just handling the camera with lens attached :D even just hanging around your neck each step is fractionally to the left and then the right :eek:

Thus the more miles you walk with your kit on, the more wear :D note all the E-owners with this problem are into Nature & Wildlife and walk ... and walk ... and walk ... lots more than the average togs :eek: :D

9th December 2011, 09:25 AM
walk with your kit on

Walk with your kit on Chevvyf1 I always envisaged your walking around with a stout hearted ruddy cheeked bearer/caddy/sherpa type chappie about five paces behind with all your kit. When you spotted something worth photographing, you would turn and request whichever body/lens was required and this would be passed, with reverence, to your good self.

The photo would be taken, your chap would congratulate you on a wonderful histogram, the kit would returned to your chap and off you would go striding on into the distance.

Another myth busted :eek:

9th December 2011, 08:16 PM
I bought my 300mm second hand and it had what I considered a fair amount of movement. I consulted SRS (the vendor) who said they thought it was about par for the course. I suspect wear is likely to be an issue with heavy lenses. Either you have a very heavy lens hanging off the body or a relatively heavy body hanging off the lens depending on how you carry it.