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30th November 2011, 11:36 AM
After all the trials and tribulations at Olympus in the past few months I would like to praise the Olympus repair center.

I had a fall on some rocks on the shore of Lake Vyrnwy in Wales and my E 3 and 12-60 took the brunt of my 14 and a bit stone! The lens would not focus after and the E3 has a rattle!
Anyway I sent the lens off on the 15th November and received it back this morning the 30th November, after they replaced the Transport System and a good clean. Well worth the 138. The E 3 is now on it's way to them!

Once again Service Center many thanks.

21st June 2012, 09:16 PM
I have just also had a positive experience with Oly service (although a little mixed):
The diaphragm in my 12-60 had stopped working, so I had it sent in for repair, with comments that it seems to be a known problem with this lens so I expected to have it fixed at no cost despite the lens is a bit more than 2 years old. I got it back in 2 weeks (which I think is OK - it has to be sent out of the country for repair. I live in Denmark and I believe the service is done i the Czech republic). The diaphram was now working, but then lens underexposed 1/3- 1/2 stop, so I had to send it in for calibration. That took 2 weeks as well, but now it seems to be in order. I did'nt pay anything so despite missing my lens for 2 weeks 2 times I think it is allright, and satisfactory service from Olympus.
The 12-60 is one of the most popular Zuikos and it is HG-class so one would expect it to last many years. I intend to use mine for yet many years to come!

22nd June 2012, 08:20 AM
Lucky you, I sent my E5, to be repaired to the Luton camera repair services, on April 16th, they still have it. The part arrived on Monday, but still not fixed. Back to Olympus methinks!