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25th August 2011, 11:05 AM
Well I did it again. Started reading up on the PEN series and decided the best way to discover more is to go buy one! 2nd hand of course, so that if it's not for me (and so far I've discarded E-510, E-3, E-620) I don't lose on it.

So, I've just taken a few photos and had a fiddle with the EPL-1 which arrived a few days ago. I've had the XZ-1 for 3 weeks.

Good news is that the PL1 reproduces purples in JPEGs (a little bugbear of mine!), as does the XZ-1 and my E-1. (the others mentioned above turn purple blue in JPEGs).

Not having read the PL1 manual, it looked as though the controls were very similar to the XZ-1, until I tried to change the aperture! Still, once you know, pressing the up/down arrow keys is no real hardship BUT the XZ-1 control ring is far more akin to the dials on a DSLR and so in that respect the XZ-1 wins.

Picture quality, for the same subjects and camera settings, from the m14-42 lens on the PL1 is equal to the XZ-1's 6-24 lens, no better so far. I've done some quick pixel peeping and I see no difference in resolution despite the PL1's 2.3 extra MP and larger sensor. That surprised me.

It strikes me the PL1's two big advantages are smaller aperture (f8 max on the XZ-1) and interchangeable lenses for more range.

The XZ-1 has a greater focal range with its standard (& only!) 28-112mm equivalent lens; 4x digital zoom is suprisingly good too; its lens is more convenient than the PL1 as it retracts automatically; it's pocketable; it has the very useable lens ring for adjusting many settings; it has a larger screen.

The PL1 hasn't grabbed me like the E-1 and XZ-1 did, but it's early days and I'll give it a chance.

Are there any other advantages or features of the PL1 that I should be investigating?

25th August 2011, 12:21 PM
I suspect that your observation regarding resolution is down the the capabilities of the the 14-42 kit lens rather than the E-PL1 sensor.
Pop on a m4/3 Panny 20mm (f/1.7) or if you have a 4/3 to m4/3 adapter, pop on a 50 f/2 and look at what the E-PL1 can reveal :)

Also how about higher ISO? I suspect that RAWs and Jpegs from the E-PL1 should be a bit more usable than the XZ-1 in that area too.

Having said all that horses for courses, the XZ-1 looks to be a fantastic compact.

25th August 2011, 02:28 PM
For most subjects, in good light, you probably wouldn't see much difference and compactness is a very reasonable trade-off against the versatility of interchangeable lenses, etc. Where you might have a problem is if you get a smashing set of pictures you'd like to submit to a picture agency. I don't know about other libraries but Alamy would not accept files from the XZ-1. For personal use, however, you may never need another camera!

Ulfric M Douglas
25th August 2011, 06:02 PM
...Good news is that the PL1 reproduces purples in JPEGs (a little bugbear of mine!), as does the XZ-1 and my E-1. (the others mentioned above turn purple blue in JPEGs)...
Good news, I'll try it when bluebell season comes around again.