View Full Version : HELP! Selection of multiple images on fullscreen.

30th July 2011, 12:43 PM

A few weeks ago I put my hands on the E-5. Fantastic machine, I really appreciated the upgrade from the E-3. Still there's one problem that really annoys me.

I've been searching off the manual and tried almost every button combination but it seems like Olympus got rid of a great feature.

With every E-series camera I had whenever I was passing the shots for a preliminary on-camera removal I could watch them fullscreen, enlarge and select with no problems. Then I would have passed to the next one and so on. Once finished I could easily erase those selected images.

With E-5 this seems to not be possible. Fullscreen or enlarged images can't be selected anymore (with previous camera you could do that pressing "ok"). Either I delete every photo one by one with the trash button or watch the images in multi-view mode, select and erase them.

The thing is pretty annoying since the older method was much faster. Also If i select images in multiview mode and then enlarge or watch fullscreen some photo, the selection is lost.

Is there some way to have the E-5 behave like the older methods or do I have to do this process with this clunky new method?

5th August 2011, 09:41 AM
Page 98 of the E-5 manual explains how to do it. When it says "Display the images you want to erase" that is precisely what it means. You can only do a multiple erase when you have multiple images displayed on the LCD screen - but when you do have multiple images displayed, you can select each with the OK button, and delete all the selected images at a single stroke when done.