View Full Version : Guidelines - Please Read

12th July 2011, 06:49 AM
Hello All. This section is for posting feedback (positive or not) on those buyers / sellers you have dealt with. There are few rules, but please do try to stick to those that do exist.

1/ Each buyer / seller will have their own thread - the thread title being their forum name. Before you post feedback, please search to check whether that person already has a thread - if they do, please post to that thread (don't start a new one).

2/ Do not post inflammatory / insulting / untrue remarks. However aggrieved you might feel if things have gone wrong (a, thankfully, rare occurrence here), please show restraint when wording your dissatisfaction.

3/ Please do not use this as a discussion board - this is purely and simply a place for feedback.

Thanks - we hope this proves a useful tool.