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Bikie John
10th July 2011, 09:55 AM
Recently my 12-60 developed a fault - I think one of the weather sealing rings in the zoom mech had come adrift of its moorings. The zoom jammed, after some jiggling it freed itself but was still very stiff and a bit of the rubber ring was poking out between the inner and outer barrels. Needless to say this happened at the best possible time. I had photographed one of the county final rugby matches at Twickenham and was down on the touchline trying to get celebration shots of the winning team :(

Fixing it was way beyond me so it needed a trip to lens hospital. Advice on here, echoed by local good camera shop (London Camera Exchange) was Olymous or Luton Camera Repair Services. I phoned both, and spoke to very helpful people at both, and decided on Luton. I sent the lens by recorded post on Friday 10th June, and also asked for a few small accessories like hot shoe covers, spare eyecup etc. Written estimate (which agreed with the rough one they had given on the phone) arrived in the following Thursday's post and I rang on the Friday (17th) to accept. They phoned on Weds 29th to say it was all done as per the estimate and the bag of bits was ready as well. I could have asked them to post it back, in which case it would have been three weeks door to door, not bad I reckon. I decided to take a scenic day trip to Luton instead and picked it up on Wednesday.

I'm really pleased. The lens looks and feels like new, I haven't given it a thorough test but from a few trial shots it all seems to be working. The office lady who I spoke to on the phone and the chap in the shop were very pleasant and helpful, so all in all I recommend them highly.

I'm sure Olympus would also have done a good job with the repair. I plumped for Luton because:

- I've used them before for OM stuff and knew that they would do a good job

- It was relatively easy to get the lens back. Luton would have used Post Office recorded delivery which works fine here. Oly insist on using DHL which is a royal PITA if you're out when they try to deliver as the depot is miles away. And it was easy to go to Luton to collect the lens anyway.

- Luton were slightly cheaper. This was not a major consideration as there wasn't much cost difference. Luton were about GBP115 inc VAT, Oly quoted GBP138. The quotes are not directly comparable though - Oly's price is fixed and includes all parts and labour for whatever needs doing, Luton would have charged extra if they had found something else wrong (with the option to return the lens for no charge except postage if I didn't want to accept). I was pretty sure there were no other probs so I felt Luton's initial estimate would be safe. If I'd dropped it down a mineshaft Oly could well have been a better bet. Unless I was attached to it at the time of the drop in which case I wouldn't have been in a position to care much :eek:

Hope this helps if anyone has some ailing kit.

Ciao ... John