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9th July 2011, 06:02 PM
I have MkI & MkII 40-150 lenses.

Which of the longer lenses should I keep and why?

Or... should I ditch them both in favour of a 70-300?

A 50-200 will be too heavy I think, and that's why I'm swaying toward the lighter 40-150 MkII, but then I wouldn't get shot of my MkI 14-54 which kind of matches the MkI 40-150 for weight and size.

The 14-54 came with my E-1 so I didn't consciously choose a higher grade lens.
Also have an E-620.

Sigma 150mm Macro arrived yesterday but that's a different kettle of fish!! ;)

Just pondering what to do!!?? No point having a high grade lens if the weight makes for shaky shots.

Thanks for any ideas. :)

Ulfric M Douglas
9th July 2011, 06:34 PM
I also have both lenses.
I keep the MkI for my e-410 and for taking pictures where I want to isolate focus especially,
the MkII stays on the e-600 almost all the time and takes great photographs while weighing nothing, making the camera a one-handed snapper.