View Full Version : OM 24mm f2.8 vs OM mount Sigma 24mm f2.8 ?

7th July 2011, 09:08 PM
Whilst the OM lens tens to be expensive, I've spotted a Sigma at a good price.

Biofos web site reckons the OM lens is a good one, but has anyone any experience of the Sigma?

Thanks for any help, as always!


8th July 2011, 03:37 PM
sorry no personal experience with the sigma. really like the om. might look at
www.16-9.net, they have a 24mm world cup comparison but it was all done on a canon
body and the lenses adapted.
hope it helps, larry

8th July 2011, 10:40 PM

Yes the OM 24mm f2.8 is one of my favorite MF 24's, but the Sigma is better at the f stops I tested (wide open and f4). The Sigma is actually pretty amazingly sharp wide open which is quite a feat when you think how old the sigma is. I actually have two of these Sigmas that I use adapted on my Canon system (1x PK and 1x Nikon mount) both I think cost me about 12 each.

The Sigma and Oly are better than the Pentax SMC-A 24mm f2.8, Canon EF 24mm f2.8 and Tamron 24mm f2.5 wide open. The Minolta AF 24mm f2.8 and Canon 17-40mmL f4 (at 24mm) and wide open are about on a par with the Sigma and Oly wide open.

Based on my casual testing......

Conclusion the Sigma 24mm superwide is no slouch.