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22nd June 2011, 11:41 AM
Oh dear me... it seems I am having a run of bad luck with my camera kit of late. First my E-3 developed a fault (now resolved... well, sort of), and then I spotted a focus issue with my 7-14mm lens which I believe will have to go in to Oly for repair. And yesterday I spotted an issue with my Oly FL-50 flash.

I was asked by a work friend to take a mugshot of him for an upcoming conference where some promotional staff material is being printed and put on the web. I brought the FL-50 and the Oly 50mm to get that professional looking corporate portrait shot with natural light coming in from the window, and a small amount of fill in flash from the FL-50. I set everything up (in manual mode) with the flash on a stand, but... alas... the flash wouldn't fire at all. I pressed the test button and it went off, and I could see all the controls on the screen, all the buttons worked and modes were selectable - except the darned green 'good to go' light was just not coming on. I assumed a battery issue, and asked my mate if I could do the shot today.

When I got home, I charged up the batteries but nada... no green light on the FL-50. So, I took the shot with my Yonguo which came out OK.

So... unless anyone has any ideas as to what I could try, it looks as though my FL-50 will be back to Oly for repair soon too!

Sheesh... what next.

The Technician
22nd June 2011, 11:50 AM
Wel the saying is they come in 3's :o

22nd June 2011, 11:54 AM
Wel the saying is they come in 3's :o
Indeed it is, indeed it is, indeed it is :)

Doesn't help matters though when I am trying to figure out a way to obtain an E-5... :(

Ho hum.