View Full Version : ME-1 - a great addition

17th June 2011, 04:01 PM
Having received the ME-1 bought from a forum member, I find it extremely useful, not just because of what it is, but also because it has enabled me to use something I had on my E-10, i.e. a rubber eyepiece (see pic enclosed).

It is completely psychological but I have always preferred the feeling of having the eye completely shielded from the outside light. So no reason to get this apart from comfort of use.

Homer Simpson
17th June 2011, 04:20 PM
Maybe it's my eyes but I have to admit I'm underwhelmed by my ME 1.

Be careful, as mine had a tendency to slide off and I nearly lost it.

I've fixed it by tapping a tiny screw into it which acts as a stop against the slide on the camera.

17th June 2011, 04:50 PM
Snap, I bought a used ME-1 to go with my E30 after reading some good reviews but I have since switched back the original as I just could not get on with it.

17th June 2011, 05:00 PM
I'll pay attention to the eyecup sliding off, but when I fitted it, it was quite a tight fit.

David Morison
17th June 2011, 05:06 PM
As I am a "specky four eyes" the ME-1 is unfortunately of n use to me.