View Full Version : 17.5-45 for indoor close up work?

17th June 2011, 03:16 PM

Spotted one of these 'el cheapo' lenses for sale for 20 posted, so naturally I couldn't resist, but not before I'd had a look around for reviews and found this: http://www.biofos.com/esystem/stnd_tst.html

Thought the lens might come in handy for close up work I sometimes do when photographing guns. I'd found that when using the 14-54 and flash its bulk got in the way and left a shadow. This lens may help?

I haven't even tried the FL-36R that came with the E-1 yet but I imagine that with this flash atop the newly acquired E-620 the flash capabilities will be somewhat improved over the pop-up one?
Not sure what the wireless pairing of these two can do for me. It's all new to me!! :eek:

It seems there's no way of fitting filters or a hood to this lens but for its intended purpose that's no worry.

Wonder what they cost new!? Or did I just get another bargain?