View Full Version : Is my 50-200mmSWD faulty??

11th June 2011, 04:27 PM
Just been out and about dodging the showers with my 50-200SWD, not looking for anything in particular but trying out some long distance landscape stuff as I am currently staying adjacent to the spot where Turner painted his "View Over Ashburnham Vale" :)

I can just see the sea with the naked eye and I was trying to zoom in to the distant vale avoiding the nearby clump of trees in front of me but the lens just would not focus at distance. When pointing at a distant object and half pressing the shutter the lens would hunt a little and then settle on an out of focus position. If I then tried to focus on something else much closer to "unlock" the focus point it would not budge. It seemed happier on closer subjects but still seemed to be hunting around a lot before locking on.

This has got me worried as I am committed to doing a photoshoot with this lens for a friend who is doing a track day on his motorcycle at the Zolder circuit in Belgium. So I did a bit of practising on passing cars using shutter mode and it wasn't good. Based on todays experience the autofocus is way too slow for fast bikes.

I've been experimenting in manual, auto, and shutter modes with no apparent difference to the performance of the lens, also trying C-AF, S-AF, IS1 and IS2.

As I am fairly new to this there is an element of doubt that I may just be doing something wrong, but my gut feeling is that the lens is faulty and it's only six months old :(

Anyone suffered similar symptoms or can shed any light on this?

11th June 2011, 04:33 PM
How many focus points have you selected? If you have them all selected the camera could have difficulty trying to decide what to lock on to. Try using just the single centre point on your subject and see if that helps.


11th June 2011, 04:39 PM
Thanks for the quick comment Steve, I tried single centre point (which I would want to use for the bikes) as well as multiple points and with the same results.

Wee man
11th June 2011, 05:22 PM
Try cleaning the contacts on the lens and camera body. I have found that a problem in the past, simple but sometimes thats all it is; good luck.