View Full Version : 3rd party flashguns giving you TTL

6th June 2011, 10:42 AM
Perhaps it would be a good idea to list flashguns that can give you TTL with an E-series camera.

I'll start with Metz models. Provided you get the Olympus/Panasonic versions, the Metz flashguns giving you TTL are:

System flashes (inc. items no longer sold marked as *)

24 AF-1 digital, 36 AF-4 digital, 36 AF-5 digital, 44 AF-1 digital, 48 AF-1 digital *, 50 AF-1 digital, 58 AF-1 digital *, 58 AF-2 digital.

SCA flashes (universal flash with hotshoe specific adapter, SCA 3202 for Olympus E)

44 MZ-2 digital *, 45 CL-4 digital, 54 MZ-4i digital *, 76 MZ-5 digital.


15 MS-1 digital.

10th June 2011, 09:53 AM
Hi, I was just about to post this.. Ive been using a Vivitar DF 383 oLY which retails for about 99 on Ebay but I bough tit from the US for much much cheaper!! ANyway, The flashgun is awesome. It worked rocksteady till about 3 months ago when it went kaput!! I've sent it back to vivitar who are sending me a brand new one!!
But as I have a gig this weekend, I needed a flash. Found

Which is actually a rebranded Vivitar 383, and is sold by a UK company. I would say the flash is somehwere between FL 36 and FL50, though closer to the the FL50 . Ive just recieved this (a day after I ordered it) and I think for 74.99 its a CRACKING deal for a full auto TTL flash for Oly. It has manual mode, slave and optical triggering as well. Works fine with radio triggers and has the all important Red light assisst!