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5th June 2011, 08:54 AM
I'm looking for a flash grip but the FP-1 Powergrip is too expensive. I've noticed the Olympus FL-BK01 grip for the Camedia series and was wondering if it would work properly with my E5 using an FL-CB01 sync lead?

5th June 2011, 10:33 AM
Furthermore why the heck are we forced to pay over three times the price in the UK compared to the US and Canada??!! 28 from Amazon.com, anything between 77 & 100 here. No wonder people smuggle.
Rant over, does the BK01 have a dedicated shutter release button or do you use the button on the camera?
I can't tell from any of the pictures of it I've found.

5th June 2011, 10:44 AM
Hello Steve, There is no reason why this wont work, Ffordes are selling these at 49 but a word of caution. Using this with your E5 and whatever lens you hang on the front of it makes for a very heavy combination, is this bracket up to it? I think not. As you say it was probably designed for the Camedia range etc. Far better to hang on until you can afford an FP1 (I have one and have never regreted buying it) after all you have already invested a significant sum in Olympus gear and would I my opinion be very disappointed with what is in effect second best, sorry if this puts a damper on your plans, this is after all only my opinion, there may be members out there who are happily using this bracket, if so lets hear from them, regards Ian W.

5th June 2011, 10:47 AM
It won't work, you'd need the FL-CB02 cable.

The FL-CB01 cable has two 5 pin ends. One can certainly plug on the FL-BK01 but where do you plug the other end on the E-5?

You need a socket on the camera like that fitted on the C3/4 series. Lke this (bottom left):


The external flash sync socket on the E-5 is not the same plug at all.

So with the FL-CB02, you plug the 5 pin on the FL-BK01 bracket, and slide the other end onto the camera hot shoe connector.

Of course, you have to fit the bracket so you're holding it with the left hand as you still need your right hand to press the shutter button, There is no shutter button on the FL-BK01 like there is on the FP-1.

5th June 2011, 04:37 PM
Okay, forget the FL-BK01, without a shutter release button I can't see the point and as pointed out it may be a little lightweight.
However is the FP-1 compatible with my Metz 58 AF-2 as I understand that Olympus FL-50(R) flash units have a circuit designed to cope with the extra battery power the grip provides. I don't want to cook my flash!
Am I also right that to retain TTL control I have to have two cables an FL-CB01 and an FL-CB02 to connect the camera to the grip?

5th June 2011, 05:31 PM
You're welcome.

The point of the FL-BK01 is simply that a flash bracket positions the flash at a certain distance from the camera lens, creating a better lighting situation that helps eliminating the dreaded red eye. So it is good for portrait photography. Also, it casts the flash shadow downwards and behind the subject. Saying that, lots of people are happy mounting the flash on the camera hot shoe and using flash bouncers/diffusers.

The FP-1 is ONLY compatible with the FL-50 or FL-50R. Where the hot shoe is on the FP-1, you've got the connection terminals for the flashgun, so no other flashgun would fit. Not even the FL-36 is compatible.

You only need ONE cable for flash control when using a flash bracket. FL-CB-01 if using the FL-BK01 with a camera that has the 5 pin socket, FL-CB02 if using it with a camera hot shoe connector. With a bracket other than the Olympus model (i.e. no 5 pin connector), you need the FL-CB05 cable which has two hot shoe ends (that's the cable you want to use your Metz with the Oly and a flash bracket).

The second cable that may be needed is to get shutter activation from the grip or bracket if this is an option. For example, with the FP-1, you plug the FL-50 onto the FP-1, connect the FP-1 to the E-5 with a FL-CB02, then, as an option, you plug the RG-1 cable from the grip to the remote cable connector on the left side of the E-5. Then you can fire the shutter from the grip handle.

To be complete with the Olympus flash cables, you also have:

FL-CB03 which is 5 pin to X contact (use an external flash with a body equiped with the 5 pin socket).
FL-CB04 which is 5 pin to X contact (use an external flash with a body equiped with the 5 pin socket).
The difference is that the FL-CB03 cable has a male pc-sync cable, whilst the FL-CB04 has a female pc-sync cable. They only concern older C-series cameras.

5th June 2011, 06:16 PM
Thanks Francois.
I think you have just prevented me from making a costly mistake.
I'm now looking at the Manfrotto 233B flash mounting bracket, that looks promising.