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1st June 2011, 09:47 AM

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It was advetised on a classified ad site as above. Sound too good to be true?

I messaged the seller with my phone numbers, asking him to call me. Then we had the following emails......

Him: "I didn't sold the item yet, it's brand new, comes with all original accessories provided by the manufacturer, proof of purchase and 3 years warranty
let me know if you're interested.
thank you"

Me: "Hi,
What is your best price for cash?
I can collect.

Him: "The final price is 600
I'm in Durham opening a new office of my travel agency, I have the item here with me.
I would like to close this transaction through Ukash (available from a local store near you) the delivery will be through Royal Mail and I will pay it.
The transaction will be like COD, let me know if you're interested to use this service."

Me: "Hi,
600 is fine.
Please phone to discuss payment/delivery.
01455 ******.

Him: "I want to close the deal through Ukash .
In order to use Ukash i need your full name and delivery address and after that they will contact you with an invoice.
You will have to buy a Ukash from a local store near you in order to send it to Ukash at contact@secure-ukash.com after that i must ship the item next day and send you the tracking number.
All you have to do is to go to nearest store,normally where you top-up your mobile or pay your bills.
Ukash may be available in a smaller amount than your invoice, so in order to pay the invoice in full , you must send the 19-digit Ukash PIN with the amount of each voucher to contact@secure-ukash.com and they will reply me that you have the money and i cah ship the item(i will receive the money only after you reply them that you are agree to keep the item, if not you can go back to the shop and they will give you the money back)
After I will receive the confirmation from Ukash that you have the money I must ship the item next day and send you the tracking number.
Please send me your informations in order to contact the Ukash."

Me: "Hi,
I will come to you in Nottingham or Durham to collect with cash.
Please phone to arrange.

Him: "I can`t meet with you because I want to open the agency nexy week and every day I have to go at the authorities to take documents .
I want to close the deal through Ukash because in this mode the transaction is safe for both .
All you have to do is to go at the near store that have Ukash, buy Ukash vouchers and then send it for validation to Ukash at contact@secure-ukash.com
After I will receive the confirmation from Ukash that you have valid vouchers I will ship the item and send you the tracking number .
When you will receive the item you will check it and then if you will not like , you can go at the near store and take your money back .
If you will like the item, you will have to send me the vouchers through Royal mail so I can pick up the money .
I will be waiting your email with shipping informations to contact Ukash .
Thank you"

Me: "Hi,
That is fine. I will come to the travel agency next week when it is open and collect the lens with cash. Let me have the address and a suitable time.
My family is near Durham so I can visit them at the same time.

From his 2nd email I knew this was a scam. Well, from the price in the ad I was very suspicious but stranger things have happened. Some people are unaware of 2nd hand prices and the best place to advertise things.

For the less wary, the clues are:
Slow to respond to emails.
Low price. About half what you'd expect.
No name given.
Bad spelling and grammar.
Wouldn't phone me.
Excuse as to why I can't collect.
Asking to send money via a strange method.
No buyer protection via Ukash.
His email is: SimonePakson@gmx.co.uk - there's another warning if you Google this address.

My last email to him was this morning. Just playing him for amusement now, although I would dearly love to know who to report him to. However, I suspect he's thousands of miles away!

What excuse do you think he'll come back with next? :rolleyes:

Be careful out there!


1st June 2011, 09:51 AM
No doubt about it, this is a scam. When somebody refuses the option to do a collect against cash payment for something pricey, it smells!

1st June 2011, 10:13 AM
A lesson for us all in there somewhere ... I certainly will maintain ongoing vigilance in the future. It is all too easy to forget when something looks too good to be true.

1st June 2011, 01:35 PM
As always, buyer beware!

If a deal seems too good to be true, it usually is!

There is such a thing as a free lunch, unfortunately you can be it if you're not careful!

If the slightest detail about a transaction makes you feel uneasy, withdraw at once.

I'm tempted to email him to say I'm flying out to Africa tomorrow so can meet him in person! Wonder which suburb of Lagos he's in? :D

1st June 2011, 03:00 PM
This story conforms to quite a few of the checks provided in this article (http://www.digicamhelp.com/camera-logs/gimmicks/beware-selling-cameras-online/).

Apparently this person tried to sell a stolen bike (I did not follow the link returned by Google), just checked the heading.