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27th May 2011, 11:55 AM
I did a quick search for mentions of this product on the forum but couldn't find any. Forgive me if it has been covered before.

I use my E-30 almost exclusively for bird and wildlife photography and most of the time have the 50-200 SWD and EC-14 teleconverter attached. I don't take any other lenses out with me. I was looking for a bag which would provide protection for the camera and leave my hands free for my binoculars when I was not using it but still allow quick access to the camera when required. After a bit of research I discovered the Think Tank Digital Holster 30, which seemed to fit the bill.

The most notable feature of this case is that it is extendable via a zipped bottom section. With the bottom section zipped up the case is rigid and gives protection for transport and storage. In this state it will take the camera, converter and lens with the lens hood reversed. However, by undoing the zip, the depth is increased, allowing the lens hood to be carried extended.

I only shoot hand held, so my first act on purchasing the 50-200 was to remove the tripod bracket. I don't think the case would take the lens with the bracket in place. As is well known, the lens hood on the SWD is a bit of a monster and is rather a snug fit in the case but it will fit in reasonably easily. My case is the Mk 1 version and has a pocket inside to store the supplied rain cover. I removed the rain hood from this pocket and store it elsewhere and this gives more room for the lens hood to fit in the bag. The Mk 2 version has the rain hood pocket on the outside, so this shouldn't be a problem now.

The case is beautifully constructed from top quality materials (I think the people behind Think Tank used to work for Lowepro) and has several well thought out features. There is a pocket on the outside of the case for 'bits and pieces' and another one on the underside of the lid. The lid opens away from the body for ease of use and below it is a hinged padded flap which covers the lcd screen and allows the camera strap to be stored on top of it without causing damage. In use I normally leave the camera strap dangling outside the case with the lid in place but not zipped up. By grabbing the strap I can pull the camera out in a couple of seconds. If the weather turns really bad the lid can be zipped up and the rain hood put over the whole lot to keep everything dry.

The case comes with a good shoulder strap and I have found that wearing this 'bandalero style' is the most comfortable over the course of a day. There is also provision on the back of the case to allow attachment to one of the Think Tank belts. I have one of these and sometimes use if to carry the case 'gunslinger style'. I prefer using the shoulder strap though.

If, like me, you use the 50-200 and EC-14 handheld, without the tripod bracket attached and are not interested in carrying other lenses with you (rather specific that!) this case could be a very useful item to own. It is also reasonably priced for a top quality product. I should point out that I have only used the Mk 1 version. If anybody was considering purchasing the Mk 2, it might be advisable to try one first to ensure that the camera will fit in all right. I would be surprised if it didn't, though.


Andrew Riddell
27th May 2011, 12:11 PM
Think Tank are my preferred bags as well. I use the Urban Disguise range for FT kit and the Retrospective 5 for MFT - all very well made and designed.