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26th November 2007, 09:24 PM
'allo 'allo

Thought today is the day to introduce myself. GOT THE E-3!!!

My lifestory is in the profile. Hope you don't mind Danes here - after all The Great Vikings gave you your sence of humor (it's a genetic thing you know;-))).

And I tried to register the E-3 at Olympus, but I can't log on. Thought I'd forgot the password, but had them e-mail it. It still doesn't work. Anybody experienced the same problem???


26th November 2007, 10:00 PM
I was fine the other day, but then another user posted that they had been having problems. Try again tomorrow maybe? If not then you could contact Olympus. It might be due to all the increased usage with the E3 release.
Hope it gets sorted out,

Sorry, forgetting my manners... Hello and welcome :) I certainly don't mind Danes, just so long as you don't crack too many jokes like that ;) My sense of humour is purely English! As pure as a mongrel.

Welcome to the E3 club :D