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1st April 2008, 04:46 PM
I have just got a new Uniross BLM1 equivalent battery.When I charge it in my BCM1 charger from the E1 it will charge for about 20 mins and then the LED on the charger starts flashing.
If I use the BCM2 charger it charges until the LED goes green.
I have 3 Olympus batteries which charge on the BCM1 ok.
Do you think the BCM1 is a bit over aggresive for the battery???

Any ideas??

5th April 2008, 09:48 AM
The quick chargers are not as good as the slower ones. I think that is the reason why the E-3 comes with the BCM-2. I have only one third party BLM-1 and that is no problem to charge in the BCM-2, I don't know how it would behave in the BCM-1.

5th April 2008, 03:31 PM
But the so called quick charger that came with the E1 is not really fast, I understand that compared to some chargers is still a slow charger.

If the BCM1 - the Oly faster charger is a problem, it would have been identified by now with the number of E-1s using batteries charged with it and I would suspect that users that bought more recent Oly cameras using the same battery would still be using BCM1 with their more recent camera batteries regardless of the charger supplied with the camera.