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23rd April 2011, 09:26 AM
I have something of a confession to make. I have joined the Nikon camp in the form of a D7000 with 18-55mm and 18-105mm lenses. Well to be fair this is my wife's new camera. She wanted a DSLR after outgrowing her compact point and shoot. I was considering another Olympus then thought why not just go for another system entirely. The reasoning behind this is based on the nagging feeling that my E5 is lagging behind the competition.
I had tried a D7000 with 18-200mm lens at work and was quite impressed. It's size is more akin to my old Oly E620 and it has a 16MP sensor so it must be good:rolleyes:
My wife loves her new camera and we are becoming quite competitive in our new joint hobby. While in North Wales recently we tried some comparison shots of the same scenes and subjects and then took them back and scrutinized them. The pictures out of the Nikon are crisp and clear as are those from the E5 but in nearly every case we agreed that the colour rendition and overall appeal of each picture was noticeably better from the E5. I also find the E5 more user friendly and in fact the Nikon quite often frustrating.
I also found some interesting coments here: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1034&message=37238520 (http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1034&message=37238520)

In a nutshel it appears that whereas Olympus have produced a body namely the E5 to get the very best results from its brilliant lenses. Nikon on the other hand with their D7000 and 16MP sensor have hit the limit of their current crop of prosumer lenses. So to get the best results with the D7000 you have to buy Nikon's very expensive pro lenses.
So I'm glad to have access to the Nikon for the rare times I might find the E5 struggling i.e. in poor light even though it hasn't been a problem yet but I certainly wouldn't swap my E5 for one.

Ulfric M Douglas
23rd April 2011, 10:28 AM
Thanks for the writeup, but I don't quite get your thread title ... ?
Put it another way : I don't think a 16mp APS-C Dslr vs a 12mp 4/3rds Dslr has anything to say about the 'pixel race'.

23rd April 2011, 10:40 AM
Sorry the point I was trying to make with the Pixel race was that Olympus have successfully optimized the E5 by opting for a 12MP sensor to make the best use of its lenses.
In complete contrast, Nikon by joining the pixel race appear to have scored an own goal as the D7000 now shows up the shortcomings of the lesser Nikon lenses that a majority of Nikon users will use.

23rd April 2011, 02:07 PM
I think Olympus designers are closer to Canon than Nikon in philosophy and when you are used to Olympus, Nikon can be very difficult to get used to. The E-3 and E-5 are similar in many ways to Canon EOS-1 controls. I liken it to the old Nokia vs Sony Ericsson UIs - feeling that Sony (like Nikon) had to be different to Nokia (Canon).