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22nd April 2011, 05:21 PM
Hi -

Apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum, but it addresses a question regarding the E510, E30, E5 and the PEN series.

I am about to acquire a Gigapan Epic Pro robot panorama head. I've been using the Epic 100, a smaller version, for quite some time and was in the beta program as well. The Epic Pro uses an USB connection to the camera and states that the E-xxx series of cameras works with the unit.

Does anyone know if the USB pin-out for the E-xxx series of cameras is the same as in the E30 and E5, as well as the PEN Series? Physically it's that sort of fat USB connector and I have an intervalometer that works fine with the E510, E30 and EP1. The Epic Pro allows, however, you to control bracketing, mirror lock-up and the like from the their side of the connection.

If the pin-out is identical, can I assume that the Gigapan can control the E30?

I've been using the Epic 100 with the E510, but would love to move to the E30 for the better image quality inherent in that camera/sensor combo and have an upgrade path to the E5. I am pushing the operating envelope with the Epic 100 and, say, the 70-300 lens, and would like to use both heavier lenses (largely legacy Leica R lenses) and pick up the battery grip so that I could do panoramas > 700 exposures, which is my current limit. I have at least one image in mind that just cries out for a 1500 image panorama...I already have the 32GB card needed. :-)


PS: I have posted the same question over on the gigapan forum, but wanted to check with y'all as well...