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Scapula Memory
28th March 2008, 11:10 AM
Ok, with the discussion ongoing about the E group photo challenge perhaps it is time to let forum democracy decide on the time length of each challenge. John musicman can no doubt tweak the rules if change is needed.

29th March 2008, 08:09 AM
Hi all,

Just cast my vote, I went for the fortnight option as I feel this fits in with what I saw as the original idea of a fun, quick fire, no pressure take it or leave it project with quick results. You always know that if you miss one for whatever reason there's another one coming along shortly.

I feel that a month long comp may have the effect that people will get a little bored and interest may wain if we need to wait 3-4 weeks between posting and results. Also by going monthly it will half the amount of challenges over the course of the year greatly reducing shooting time and stifling the new opportunities for creativity that these challenges bring to us.

Presently the comp spans 3 weeks given the weeks voting on top of the 2 weeks shooting time, therefore does it follow that the monthly comp will actually be a 5 week comp taking into account the weeks voting? Perhaps a sensible compromise would be 3 weeks shooting time and 1 weeks voting?

Going one step further do we need to vote at all to find a winner? should we follow the FTU site whereby the facilitator chooses a winner overnight and almost instantly the challenge is reset by the winner therefore giving everyone more shooting weeks? After all the idea is to get out and take photos. Incidentally I think the FTU Challenge runs on a fortnightly cycle more or less.

I felt compelled to tell members why I voted for the fortnight option and to highlight some reservations that I have as I have not seen any of the above aired by other members, perhaps there is a wider debate to be had?

I would be interested to hear other members thoughts on the above in order for John aka The Musicman to consider the wider issue.