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28th March 2011, 06:44 PM
Have decided that my old Scooter Suzuki Bergman AN 400 has to make way for a newer model camera managed to make a quick sale on Ebay :) collectiong tomorrow

and also selling a Canon Zoom Lens EF 24-150 mm 1:4 IS USM

now the question is what do i send the money on 500 coming from Scooter and a possible 500+ from the lens

How would the money be best spent suggestions please looking at about 1000

do i take an E3 or E30 or E620 and try and get a better lens suggestions

Most of the work i get is for Football i can do the daytime stuff with the 70-300 and also the evening late KO`s so should i look at getting a 50-200 or something else also Flash ?

Should i look for a package deal ?

All these questions and a little excited about getting new stuff*chr

28th March 2011, 09:40 PM
Hi Martyn,

Sounds like you are in a lucky position! With the kit you have listed I would suggest you split the money between a new body and a faster zoom lens.

I upgraded from an E500 to an E3 about two years ago and could not believe the difference. Faster sequential shooting, faster auto focus, better handling etc to name but a few.

I recently bought a back up E30 from a member of is forum and it handles much the same as at the E3, all be it, slightly less of a solid feel.

I also moved from standard to pro lenes (with a few exceptions) and although I cannot justify the expense of SHG the 12-60, 14-54 and 50-200 are all great bits of glass that made 'getting the shot' much more achievable.

As you mention sports photography I would suggest you look at a secondhand 50-200mm SWD and an E3 or E30 (they are both much the same price at present). If you get a great deal you even be able to afford an EC-14 to complete thus setup.

Finally I also find using the HLD-4 battery grip with either E3 or E30 a real help to it's handling. I believe it also helps speed up the continuous shooting speed with the E3 (not sure if it affects the E30).

Having bought and sold a few things via this forum I can testify to the quality of goods offered, I have had nothing but plesant, easy transactions.

Happy hunting.