View Full Version : I know the tripod I want but not sure of the Head

27th March 2011, 03:32 PM
My Velbon tripod came to an ultimely end last week and I now want to replavce. I have decided to buy the Manffrotto 190XPROB but I am in a quandry as to what head I want ( if I can do a deal for both so much the better ). I use the tripod mainly for landscape work and some studio work as well.

Anybody out there who does the same type of work photography wise and who has a lot more experience of the Manffrotto heads ?pros and cons.

Nick Temple-Fry
27th March 2011, 03:39 PM
Why limit yourself to Manffrotto heads?. The screw fittings are basically universial.

On my Benbo I use a manfrotto geared head, on my manfrotto a Benbo head. No problems.

Of course it makes your range of choice wider/harder.


27th March 2011, 04:35 PM
Nick - thanks for the additional info.
You are quite correct of course. My thinking was that I am more likely to get a deal with buying the head/tripod together - I was looking at the 496RC2 ( which superseded the 486RC2 ).

The problem at the end of the day is that one has to buy online because most of the camera shops only stock some of the items which makes it all the more difficult anyway.

jamie allan
27th March 2011, 06:51 PM
I'm in the same situation - I'm looking for a new tripod. There's one being sold locally - a Manfrotto 190XB - never been used but the guy has lost the quick release plate. He won't drop his price despite this. It has a 391RC2 head on it - which is suitable for both DSLR and video cameras.

27th March 2011, 07:21 PM
He won't drop his price despite this.

Depends on what he is asking for the tripod in the first instance - if the price seems too high,walk away and find someone willing to negotiate a deal with you.

Sad I know but I have learned over the years - and saved 000's into the bargain. My wife used to cringe,but even she was hard nosed when she bought her last car - I advised how to go about it,but secretly I felt sorry for the salesman.

Wee man
27th March 2011, 10:06 PM
I use the Manfrotto 804RC2 pan, tilt 3 way head with the 19XPROB and it does my job.

27th March 2011, 10:59 PM
I can not comment on the 496RC2 head, because all I own is the smaller 494RC2. It fits nicely onto my Manfrotto 695CX monopod. Both pieces really suit me well as they do excactly what I want them to do - and without flaws. The friction adjustment works nice and stays put, so doesn't need tuning every day. The lever to losen or tighten the ball can be positioned to different angles, as needed, and works great too. I have never had a problem supporting the weight of E-30 + 70-300 with this small head.

For your work you may need something more sturdy then I do. So, I guess all I want to say is: if the small one does the job okay, then the bigger one could be trusted too?!
However, when I searched for a monopod and ballhead a year ago, I came across a Juri Arcurs Youtube Clip. 3min. into the clip he says: "don't by the bigger ones - they are not as good". I took his advise back then and am fine :)

Juri Arcurs Youtube Clip

Bikie John
28th March 2011, 10:32 AM
I have a manfrotto monopod and was using the Manfrotto 484RC2 head - the smallest in their ball & socket series (that's the second "4" - the "48" is the series) with quick-release plate (that's the "RC2" bit). It was fine for small lenses and OK for medium ones - 50-200 for instance - but definitely did not inspire confidence with the big monsters. I got a 486RC2, the next one up, and it is a lot better. For the monsters like the 90-250 or 300/2.8 the 4*8 would probably be better still, but I haven't tried it.

The current series seems to be 49* and there seems to be a good match with the 48* models with the same numbers. I am a big fan of quick-release plates, and the Manfrotto RC2 system seems to be effective and easy to use. It's a fairly small plate but seems to provide plenty of support for big lenses.

Ciao ... John