View Full Version : E300 Upgrading

23rd March 2011, 09:46 AM

i have 3 x E300`s (long story) and would like to up grade

some suggestions would be good . i feel i am in need of a more professional body as i am now starting to get more work where i need better quality

obviously i would love the E5 but this is way out of my price range

maybe a silly question but would i even be in a better position if i picked up a Cheap E1 or is this a backward step .

I like the feel of the bigger body so the e400 etc are not to my liking i have the extra battery grips on my e300s

My wife is an Early years Photographer and her company supplies them with the Fuji S3 pro cameras again i like the body and using the nikon lenses is a factor also

They are all getting new cameras and we will be in a position to purchase her two that she has a present would this be a better option

some ideas would help me also if selling the E300s is there camera companys that will do trade in

23rd March 2011, 06:14 PM
Have you considered an E510/520, E600/620 or E30?