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20th February 2011, 06:46 PM
I have read the online manual of the E5 and have an E3 - which after reading this forum and various write ups for example those by Wrotniak I have been able to get images that I like from the E3 - I would like to improve my birds in flight skills but they are coming on.

I am now seriously thinking of getting an E5 and I would like to transfer to the E5 without too great a learning curve - so a few questions.

What I would like to know is how many of the menu settings you used on the E3 were transferred over to the E5 or did the E5 require you to start again and try out the options.

On the E3 I moved away from using the centre focusing point to using the central diamond of focusing points. Looking at the E5 manual it appears as if the central diamond is not a direct setting but by an interpretation of settings.

A summary of this thread would be what are the issues in transferring to the E5 (apart from the cost <g>)

Thanks for any comments

26th February 2011, 04:36 PM
I upgraded from the E3 to E5 and I very quickly got stuck into the menus. I followed the Wrotniak guide for the E3 as far as it can be applied to the E5.
The E5 does have quite a few new menu items and options but you can easily work these out for yourself or with a little bit of help from your friends here. You might find what is missing on the E5 more difficult to get your head around, the lack of the dedicated IS button and the release catch for the memory door for example. IS is simply controlled from the Super Control Panel. Shame about the release catch it was nice thing to have but I don't miss it. These are not issues that warrant more than a couple of minutes afterthought.
I had more of a struggle moving from my E620 with a mode dial to the push button concept of the E3 so I wouldn't worry one iota about the transition. The E5 fits your hand exactly as does the E3 and you will soon be using it as if you've owned one for years.

David Morison
26th February 2011, 05:29 PM
I added an E5 to my E30 (having previously migrated from an E410) and I have had no trouble with either transition. The E5 not having a mode dial is not a problem as customising the [---] button enable me to use the front scroll wheel to select mode when this button is held down. Otherwise everything soon falls into place with a little practice. I had more trouble with my new car as controls for virtually everything are incorporated into about 20 buttons on the steering wheel!