View Full Version : CPL with 300mm f2.8?

David Morison
10th February 2011, 11:52 AM
As many will know the 300mm comes with a CPL filter as an accessory to be mounted behind the main body of the lens. Mine has remained in it's case since I got the lens and I am now thinking of doing a little experimentation with it. A problem might be that it has a light reduction factor of approx. 2.5 stops so I need some bright weather to be sure it won't affect AF because I will have difficulty in assessing this through the viewfinder or LV or indeed use MF. Has anybody had any experience on this or similar lens?


10th February 2011, 06:14 PM

There shouldn't be a problem with AF with a CPL. I have never had that problem using a filter on the 12-60 - it has always been quick. My E520 even managed some reasonable metering and AF through a shade 12 welding filter, although admittedly not every time.

In terms of light coming through to the viewfinder, it will presumably be similar to using the 70-300mm or Bigma? (i.e. f5.6/6.3).

Hope this helps,