View Full Version : E-600 Vs E-5 -The differences? Oly's problem?

Lord Minty
2nd January 2011, 08:00 PM
As some of you know I bought an E-600 at the end of last week.

I'm obviously still trying to familiarise myself with everything it can/can't do compared to our E-500 & E-330, and so far I'm *VERY* impressed with the E-600.

Having the E-600 has led me to re-read the recent AP test of the E-5 so see how it differs...

And I'm coming to the conclusion that it doesn't, at least not by much in terms of functionality, and where it does, those features aren't worth the extra ,s to me over what an E-600 or E-620 gives for <500.

Yes the E-5 is waterproof, it's got a higher ISO range, more FPS etc, but the stuff I want is in the E-600 - Spot metering, LiveView, MLU, DOF preview etc etc.

When I thought about this I wonder if this is really Olympus's problem? Virtually all the low-end Oly's come with features that you just don't get on competitors low-end offerings (and the camera mags all seem to conveniently overlook!) - I remember when I got my E-500 being derided by the Canonistas for my choice, until I pointed out what I got on my camera compared to the EOS350D or Nikon D50 that I could have bought instead, e.g:

- spot metering - you need a Canon 30D
- MLU - you need a Canon 30D
- built in Picture Modes (e.g. Sepia, B&W) - forget it, you need Photoshop!
- JPEG+RAW - forget it, you have to extract the JPEG from the RAW yourself!
- output industry standard TIFF files - no chance
- Super Control Panel - A maze worthy of Dungeons & Dragons
etc etc.

What comes in relatively cheap Olys only comes in more expensive competitors - you *have* to upgrade if you want these features.

And of course Oly spoil us rotten with quality glass even on cheap kit lenses, unlike the jam jar rejects that come with competitors models.


2nd January 2011, 08:53 PM
I agree - I have the '600 and the '620 (they are pretty much identical to my old eyes) and I regard them as pocket wonders.

Yes, I would like more: A titanium weather sealed E600 - same weight, same size, same price: That would be nice.

But back in the real world, they do the business and have almost all the bells and whistles. Clamp some good Oly glass on the front and Robert is your close relative.. :)