View Full Version : HELP! How to display shutter actuations count on E-600?

Lord Minty
30th December 2010, 08:19 PM
As per the subject... How do I display the shutter actuations count on my 'new' E-600? :confused:

Am I right in thinking the E-600 uses the same convention as the E-500/E-330 and the shutter/image count is in the standard JPEG image file name?
(If it is I think I've picked up a bit of bargain!)


30th December 2010, 09:03 PM
This link will give you the procedure to display the shutter count.


Works OK on my e-600.

I'm sure you'll like the e-600, love mine.


Lord Minty
30th December 2010, 09:09 PM
Thanks Pete :D Fast reply!

The filename format suggested just 85 actuations.

The maintenance menu via the Biofos link shows it as 202, and that's after I've had it here and been playing with it - so it was under 200 when I bought it today :eek:

It seems that I have indeed found myself a bargain! *yes

30th December 2010, 09:50 PM
Congratulations, it's the time of year for bargains. Even better when it's a brilliant Oly camera.