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23rd November 2007, 10:35 PM
....Highly Recommended.

I have posted this over on fourthirds-user. The thread was initiated by joachim:

I think part of his summing up is that he really liked the camera and it is pleasing he gave it a 'Highly Recommended'.

This is the section I refer to above: (from dpreview's Simon Joinson)

But overall, especially considering the excellent pricing, extensive feature set, effective image stabilization and superb design/construction/handling, the E-510 is an impressive and hugely rewarding camera in use. The results from the kit lens are some of the best we've ever seen, the SSWF dust reduction system is the most effective on the market and the whole package shows that Olympus understands the needs of the photographer as well as - if not better than - any of its major competitors. If it had a better sensor (less noise and better dynamic range) the E-510 would be a strong candidate for category winner; as it is you'll need to decide if the slight compromises the sensor demands are going to affect the type of pictures you take.

It's great to see Olympus finally introducing models that deliver on the Four-Thirds promise of compact, affordable, high quality digital SLRs, and the E-510 (along with its ultra compact sibling the E-410) show that the system has far more potential than many observers give it credit for, particularly in this 'entry-level to mid-range enthusiast' sector of the market. That said, if Olympus is to persuade us that there is no inherent disadvantage to the use of the smaller sensor of the Four-Thirds format, it needs to fix the issues of dynamic range and high ISO performance in future models.