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19th December 2010, 05:10 PM
Is it just me or is Custom Reset 1 and 2 really difficult to get the hang of? (E600 E620, but I suspect this applies to most of the menus)

After a recent swap to spot meter and back to CW, I figured I would park these two as separate settings in the Custom reset slots. But the words Oly chose to use on the menu are really confusing.

You go to reset 1 and right click and it says "set" and "reset". OK... Is that reset as in reset the camera to this (erm) reset, or is it set, as in set the camera to this reset. I tried reset, now it says No Data. Aha. I can see what that meant. So, reset 1 -> reset means clear this custom reset.

Now I check my camera settings, and try to record them into custom reset 1. I do reset 1 -> set and it now has data. Excellent - I think I've put my settings in there. How do I prove it? Where is the button for "Use" this custom reset?

So as an experiment I try the "Reset" menu entry as opposed to the custom reset. Oh dear, that did a factory reset so now all the settings are wrong. Fortunately I have them recorded in a spreadsheet, so 10 minutes later I have it back as I want it.

Finally I worked it out. If you go to the point where you get the choice of reset 1 and reset 2... don't follow the tempting right arrow or you end up at paragraph 3 above. No, just click OK and you will "use" this custom reset, assuming you put data in it.

Why couldn't they have had words like "save" "erase" "use" instead of multiple and confusing instances of the word "reset"???


Later I came across My mode 1 and 2. Can I use those? No, if I do I think I lose my DoF button. Wouldn't it be great if you could use my mode under those stupid scene settings on the top dial.... Woops, watch out. Flying Pig. :)


PS, I didn't really RTFM, even if I had it wouldn't have helped a lot.

19th December 2010, 08:02 PM
I gave up on this function. I just couldn't get my old head round it.

Ross the fiddler
20th December 2010, 02:29 AM
You also need to check the manual for function & settings that are storable in the custom reset & also my mode, because it can be frustrating when a certain setting you use is not included & after a custom reset, the item not included then has to changed back again.