View Full Version : Special offer on 90-250 and 300 hires until the end of the year!

9th December 2010, 09:19 AM
Hiring one of Olympus' legendary Top Pro telephotos will never be such great value again!

For any hire order for a Zuiko Digital 300mm f/2.8 or 90-250mm f/2.8 shipped before the end of the year, we're offering great discounts.

300mm f/2.8 - 50 (inc.VAT) off!

90-250mm f/2.8 - 40 (inc.VAT) off!

Don't be disappointed - we have limited stocks... email hire@e-group.uk.net or ring 01442 242 960 to book now!

For, example, with a 3 day hire that reduces the cost of a 300mm f/2.8 from 107.28 to just 57.28 (including VAT but exclusive of delivery).

Take a 90-250mm f/2.8, for a 3 day hire the cost reduces from 91.96 to 51.96 (including VAT but exclusive of delivery).

The discount offered applies to hires of any duration, just subtract the discount from our prices (http://e-group.uk.net/hire/prices.pdf) for the days you need the lens for.

Remember, we only charge for the full days that you keep the lens; we don't include the days that the lens is in transit to you and afterwards, back to us.

You will need to consider this offer quickly as we could easily run out of these lenses. And please consider that changeable weather conditions could hamper deliveries. We normally offer a next day by 4PM courier option for 13.51 inc.VAT, but we can't guarantee this during bad weather. We recommend you factor in an extra day at least just in case. If you are in a remote area, especially in Scotland, please get in touch for further advice. If you are local to us in Hemel Hempstead, collection and return in person can be arranged by appointment.

Don't miss out on this great offer!

9th December 2010, 05:01 PM
Just to clarify, we can't extend the offer beyond the end of the year (which we have been asked), and neither can you place more than one order and so benefit from the discount more than once :)


15th December 2010, 06:47 PM
Time is running out if you would like to take advantage of this special offer!


22nd December 2010, 09:52 AM
We can still supply the 300 2.8 and 90-250 2.8 at the special offer rate until the end of the year, but only to customers who can now collect from Hemel. Get in touch if you are interested!


22nd December 2010, 12:56 PM
I'd be having one of these in a flash if I lived neare!
Hey Ian, as we have quite a contingent of members in the general south Wales/Bristol are, how's about relocating the hire business here? - I could operate it out of my garage (and have a play with all that glass when not hired out :D:D)